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How to apologize to a libra

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By Rhiana, Monday, October 17, AM pretty sure you just confirmed the message above by posting your retort : lol just had to say. By Glenda, Saturday, April 02, PM It's realy hard to fanthom being a Taurus I never like fighting or auguing with others, it's a waste of time in the presence of a World filled with dishonesty and negativity. As being on the ending of my journey could be why I see a different lite. Whoever puts these Charts out has a claim to be defensive with Tauras people.

how libras apologize

All signs in my opinion are good people what we come back to learn has everything to do with present affairs, and past convictions of the heart. Be Happy Don't Worry.

How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When They're Pissed Off At You

Don't let Life drag you into a turmoil of negativity, it's totally not worth it. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Live Psychics Available Now!Libras would always prefer to keep the peace and are genuinely very nice people… however should they ever feel threatened they will not back down.

Reason 1: Libras are logical, calculating and patient. Unlike some of the other more fiesty signs of the zodiac Libras are not irrational hot heads and posses the ability to be logical, calculating and patient. This means they are definitely not the types of people that you want to get on your wrong side.

Instead of acting out of sheer emotion they will think carefully about their next move and always make moves and decisions which which will be advantageous to them and not simply based on emotion. Reason 2: They always know a lot than they let on. People often underestimate them in this way but the Libra will just use this to their advantage.

Libras are honest and upfront people. Libras prefer honesty over anything. If you ask them a question, you'll get a straight answer. You can trust them with your life. They will give you the full story, and you can either take it or leave it. Reason 4: Libras can smell bullshit from a mile away.

Libra is allergic to bullshit. Since honesty is such a big trait of the Librans it's also something that look for in others They have an almost sixth sense for detecting when someone is feeding them bullshit and if you're fake with them they'll have no time for you.

Libra tries not to get too caught up in petty drama and meaningless gossip. They prefer to focus on the things that are most important including their friends, family and chasing their dreams. They will not take any crap from anyone. Reason 5: Libras can often get a read on a person within a matter of seconds. Librans have incredible instincts about people and their ability to read a persons thoughts can be almost unreal sometimes.

They're able to instinctively pick up on a people's true motivations and intentions within moments of meeting them If you're going to befriend a Libra, it better be genuine because more than other signs, they can usually detect real from fake motives. Libra takes loyalty seriously and if you try to mess with one of their pack there WILL be consequences. Trying to ignore a Libra? Libras have long memory. Because Libra is the silent savage of the zodiac, they are going to have PROOF of any conversation y'all have ever had at least 5 years prior.

Libra will not sit by and let themselves be abused repeatedly emotionally or physically. Reason 9: The angry Libras are all crazy. The calm, balanced, diplomatic Libra is not easily angered.You are on page 1 2 out of 2.

We are working things out and I do find being direct with him works. I flip the script on him and just told him when I'm coming into town I just tell him what I want and keep the questions simple Scorpio sun; Taurus moon; Virgo Asc. In my experience, you just need to be really sincere. In your heart. If you really mean it they'll forgive you. If you apologize because you want something, they'll pick up on it.

They're good at getting what they want from people and I think they can recognize when someone tries to do it to them. Say what you mean and mean what you say. They may not want to listen, but you need to make them. Not forcefully. You need to use words and tact so that they understand.

They're bad about saying they forgive and asking for forgiveness though. A Cancer can become very codependent on a Libra is one of the main issues with the relationship. Libras can't be there for you emotionally percent of the time but when they do give their time it is usually genuine which is why a Cancer will always stick around. I have also found through experience that since Libras are such social people they have to juggle many different people and they tend to give each one an equal bit of their time.

Sometimes it becomes overwhelming for them and they have to recharge their batteries and Cancers will take it the wrong way if they are in the middle of their own personal crisis wanting a shoulder to cry on. I have found it is best to keep things lighthearted with Libras.

how libras apologize

They can keep Cancers in an upbeat mood but don't expect for them to solve your emotional problems for you. Posted by browndiamonds I'm a Cancer women about to end my long distance relationship with a Libra man.

The relationship is a struggle. We want the same things but take a different approach to get them and I refuse to walk on eggshells in a relationship. I have tried my best to have open communication with him. If we are discussing our or his plans we are happy. When we are discussing things I like to do then his mood changes and theres an argument.

I always seem to be apologizing to help get us back on track. He refuse phone communication unless I'm in town. When I leave it's only text communication. I've express a few times that texting is not a good form of communication in a long distance relationship.Charming and charismatic a Libra man enchanted you and won your heart, but then disappeared? Unfortunately, this is a quite typical behavior of the representative if this sign — he conquers the girl, tells her about his feelings and then just leaves.

It happens because he is not sure whether he has found a right girl. Libra knows a lot about the love affair. He captivates with his manners and behaves very courteously with women. However, at the same time he is very hesitant in making the decisions. Libra is afraid to offend a girl by being rude, but sometimes his proper behavior gives a false hope for the better future.

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It is possible to get Libra back if you know certain traits of his character. However, the time passes, and he gets bored, or he decides that he needs another woman. As a result, he just disappears. You will never be sure that he will be with you forever.

Libra is a great connoisseur of the feminine beauty. He will notice a beautiful lady for sure. He is just a genuine estate and beauty attracts him. Thus he can just admire the girl without loving her. You never know who will attract him tomorrow, so you should always look the best. Libra is a gentleman; he knows how to forgive. You should never blame him. Just hint that you think that you are guilty and ready to change to get him back.

This way you will ingratiate yourself to him. Think beforehand what are you going to say when you meet. No reproaches or negativity! Be affectionate and gentle, and you will do it.

Be closer to him physically. To get Libra back, you should meet him at work or when you meet with common friends. If he suggests being friends, you should agree, because it is better than nothing. You should make him love you again, so take actions! Any attempt to limit his freedom may damage everything. This way you will only alienate him.

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Show that you are vulnerable and fragile. This quality of him gives you a good chance to restore your relationship. Behave reasonably.

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During the conversation remember him about good moments you had together, tell him about the success which you can reach only together and let him know that you are ready to change for him. Prepare carefully for the meeting. Looking outstanding is necessary.So we all know Libras don't get mad that often, and they are more of a peacemaker type.

Okay so what if someone like an Aries came along and actually ticked them off Ok yeah I made a Libra mad, and I'm thinking if I should apologize I don't see a good enough reason to do so thoughbut I've also wondered Because I'm also thinking of taking a break for awhile until things go back to the way they were without me having to apologize for no reason. But I'm scared that if I don't, it may not return back to the way it was before. My experience of Libras and this is just mine, your Libra might be different.

They stay mad for a long time, and they are surprisingly stubborn. But if you apologize to them, they will let it go. They'll probably remind you of why they were angry to start with, and you should acknowledge and understand that what you did is wrong. But if you do that then they kinda just let it go and move onto asking how you are or something. That's almost always my experience with them.

And at the least for any sign, apologizing can't hurt if you made them angry. Which I get, cuz I'm a Leo so I'm always making people p'issed off. My other experience with Libras is they will approach you eventually, but they will still want you to accept that you were wrong, but at least they made the first move. That doesn't happen enough to risk it if this person is really mad at you though. Well, seeing as how Libras usually attempt to keep balance and harmony in a relationship, we don't usually stay mad too long.

It also depends on other factors in a person chart-- say, if there were a lot of Scorpio in that person's chart, then the chances of that person staying mad longer are higher.

Myself for instance, can hold a grudge for while, and I'm a Libra. However, my anger fades pretty quickly, and I usually try to get the relationship back on track, even if I wasn't the one who was in the wrong. But still, I'd say that you try to patch things up by doing something nice for them, something to show that you care about them.

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Surely they will understand that you are sorry and that you want things to go back the way they were previously. If not, then a short break will probably be needed, and then try to go from there. I'm sorry I can only offer this much. I hope things get better between you and that person. If it was a petty argument with a housemate, for instance, i'd forgive and forget pretty quickly Secretly i like to only see the best in people, so when i see the bad rear its ugly head i go into 'denial' mode pretty often.

If its an argument with a boyfriend, often it makes me really resentful You'll get an icy reception for a few days until you get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, if you're a man of mine.

I'm not going to forgive when i'm hurting. Alot of people try to walk all over me i don't know if that's for other libras as well, but sooner or later, they tell it how it is. I am aries and it's been 8 days and counting, said sorry and took the blame, even that it was his fault and noting,holds grudges and get revenage too, by saying he will be there and he didn't even show up.

how libras apologize

Yes, secretly, though. They don't decide to express it fully until a later date days or even months later for the sake of keeping peace and harmony i.Being the only sign not represented by a human or an animal, but instead aptly symbolized by a set of scales, it is instantly clear that Libra's are unlike any other astrological sign. Not convinced? You should try dating one.

Perceptive, caring and fair, it's hard not to fall for the Libra charm. But all might not be what it seems.

Libra June 2019: They Want To Apologize Libra ❤

It might sound like too much to handle, but don't be put off just yet. Whilst a Libra is guaranteed to make your head feel as though it will explode, they are worth sticking around for. A Libra wants the best of everything, and they cannot bear it when they don't have it. Want to buy your SO a present? Don't give them the chance to wish they had something better. It's also worth considering that "something better" may not even be something of high value.

Money only impresses a Libra to a certain extent; the thought behind a gift is just as important. When buying them gifts, think of something personal.

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Maybe buy them the candy that reminds them of their childhood, or the shoes they said they "didn't need" but secretly really wanted. Any of those gifts would make you a winner in your Libra's eyes. Their confidence is often mistaken; it's easy to forget that they are highly sensitive. Be prepared to hear the words "I'm fine" more than any others, but whatever you do, don't believe them. In case you haven't guessed, understanding a Libra is like trying to decipher a novel written in a language you don't speak.

Although they appear relaxed about everything on the outside, they most definitely are not relaxed on the inside. Criticism will, at first glance, be taken calmly. But it will have a damaging effect internally.

A Libra may be confident, but on the inside, their insecurities are very much present. While they might be reluctant to admit defeat, a Libra hates for a confrontation to last.

Sure, they are stubborn. But they hate conflict too much to not give in to their own persistence. Inevitably, you will learn this weakness.Apologies aren't always easy, especially for some of the zodiac signs. Find out how your sign handles apologies and decide whether or not you agree! Every zodiac sign handles situations differently. Whether it be a stressful circumstance or the best moment of your life, chances are your zodiac will influence how you will handle and react to it.

Similarly, how each zodiac sign apologizes can also be very unique. Maybe your apology is well organized and you are able to remain calm and collected, or maybe you are the type to put something together at the last minute.

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Either way, your style of apology has its own unique strengths and weaknesses based on your zodiac that you should learn to navigate through.

An Aries is confident and assertive, and her apologies tend to match this trait.

How to apologize to a libra

She knows when she is wrong, and won't hesitate to confront you and let you know she is sorry. It might come off as intimidating at first, but she only means well and wishes to make things right. Out of all the signs, it might be hardest to receive an apology from a Taurus. This is due to her stubborn nature and attitude.

how libras apologize

However, when you do receive an apology from a Taurus know that it took her a great deal of strength to muster up. She means it in the most sincere and honest way. A Gemini might seem careless at first because she loves to always be learning. If she does not come up with an apology when one is expected, she might need to be reminded.

It's not that she does not want to say sorry, she may just have been oblivious to the situation. Since a Cancer is always very intuitive and emotional, she usually knows when it is her responsibility to say sorry. It is not hard to get a Cancer to apologize, but only when she is in wrong. A Cancer woman also hates to upset others, so she will more than likely be very willing to apologize. There's no hiding that a Leo is a total drama queen. Getting an apology out of a Leo is like pulling teeth.

It make take her a while to accept she is wrong, but only when she finally accepts this will you get a proper apology.

A Virgo's best qualities are her intelligence and carefulness. She is very smart and often very self-aware, making conscious decisions not to hurt those around her. A Libra often finds herself pleasing others. It is not hard to get an apology out of a Libra because she will often apologize even when she knows she is not wrong simply to keep everyone happy. However, for this reason the apology might not seem truly genuine. Scorpio's are very passionate, so they are not afraid to fight when their beliefs and values get challenged.

You won't be surprised to see a Scorpio in a heated argument. When it comes to apologizing, she is confident in her words and won't be afraid to let you know she is truly sorry.

One of the most important things to a Sagittarius is her friendships and relationships. Since she places such a high value on them, she will be eager to apologize when she is wrong.

She definitely does not let her pride get in the way of people she cares about. It is not easy to truly anger a Capricorn, because her self-control is one of her greatest strengths.

However, if she is really triggered she will burst out in a fiery passion that might scare others. A Capricorn always recognizes that she must apologize for things like this, and is sincere when she says it won't happen again. An Aquarius is sincere, so when she apologizes it always comes from the heart.